• Fall/Winter 2016

BY Staff3

  • November 4, 2016
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It doesn’t matter what the destination is, what really counts in a journey is the path: all the meetings, visions, experiences and sensations that form the inner landscape, modelled by the outer horizon. Giorgio Armani uses this metaphor to redefine the role of his man in society. He removes him from the urgency to simply appear, to find a more honest idea of luxury – a culture of beauty and a life journey, not a process of exhibitionism.



A succession of sharp silhouettes, elongated and thin, populate this collection. They are inspired by the unmistakable image of a hat-wearing William Burroughs, leading light of the beat generation and refugee in tangier, a man who developed new approaches to writing and thinking, based on the cut-up technique.


Similarly, this wardrobe mixes and cross-pollinates symbols and elements, amalgamating them into a natural and fluid expression of style. The clothes have relaxed shapes that caress the body.




Ethnic textures and motifs decorate the surfaces of the mesh, made with fine yarns that absorb and fade the drawings, or are placed on the collars and cuffs, decorative signs echoing the authentic, ancient cultures of the Mediterranean basin and North Africa. The garments made of intertwined sheepskin have the appearance of sweaters, and the outerwear combines a number of manufacturing techniques and processes.



The palette is concise and coherent, and revolves around dense and deep blues, Armani’s natural, nuanced hues, the absolute antidote to chaos. Natural tones and ethereal shades run through important pieces like echoes, obtained by weaving and washing cashmere, alpaca and vicuña fibres in a particular way, using new processes that break the surface of a garment, bringing it to life. A journey that leaves indelible and unforgettable marks.