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• Spring/Summer 2023
A celebration of the body, of the beach, and of Burberry. Outfits for men and women marry notions of sensuality and sensibility – outerwear and pieces inspired by underwear, swimwear and lingerie are laid atop one another then sliced away, in outfits that interlace the decorative...
What an idea! What impertinence! A bag that becomes jewellery, worn around the neck, the wrist or the fingers? And not just any bag. An icon.
• Spring/Summer 2023
Versace Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 confidently walks the line between unexpected juxtapositions— fun and formal, bravado and sensitivity, Baroque and pop—fully reflecting a Versace Man who has mastered the statement he wants to make.
• Spring/Summer 2023
From Paris to Granville – the birthplace of Monsieur Dior – to Charleston*, England, where artist Duncan Grant worked and lived, the Dior Summer 2023 men’s line invites us on a fascinating journey through space and time, where the arts intersect. The silhouettes by Kim Jones, bor...
• Spring/Summer 2023
This soulful curiosity lies at the heart of the FENDI men’s universe, spanning out in a boundless exploration of style at the fulcrum between nostalgia and innovation.
• Pre-Spring/Summer 2023
This is the first collaboration between ASTRO Stuffs and VELENCE, inspired by the stories of two brands' journeys, the new experience, and endless friendship while traveling.