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  • October 19, 2021
  • 14,764

Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence is an immersion into the magnificence of Earth, captured with candor and authenticity.

The fertile Tuscan soil, with its iconic richness that symbolizes genuine pleasures, is the inspiration behind the new signature of the Bvlgari Man Collection. Nature’s life force courses through the terrain, expressed in its rolling hills and cypress trees, flowers and land. It is a vitality that is ingrained in the region’s emblematic colors and scents.

Warm, rich and instinctive, the new fragrance embodies the life-giving power of Earth in a woody vetiver scent shaped in a genuine ritual reminiscent of cultivated land.



Terrae, a Latin word meaning “of the earth” is the bedrock of every man’s truest identity. Our bond to the fertile land is intimate and instinctive, an unbreakable line from ancient times to the present. We can touch it, smell it, cultivate the soil so that it yields the raw materials and treasures that sustain us. It is the ultimate source of beauty, creativity and warmth, constantly rejuvenating itself through time.

Modern man has learned to mold nature’s gifts, to draw inspiration from the land’s luminous beauty and transform raw elements into spectacular creations. 

Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence reconnects us with our truest, deepest values, bringing us back to our most authentic selves: the vitality of life, those preservation instincts upon which humanity thrives. As a scent, it harkens back to our origins and encourages us to discover the richness right under our feet.




The abundance of earth is impeccably translated into an instinctive woody vetiver fragrance of sleek, modern elegance. Shaping the scent around exceptional raw materials, Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas grows a resplendent and gorgeous structure.

Upon opening, the fragrance calls to mind a sun-kissed Italian landscape with citrus groves and golden views. As the heart notes emerge, it reveals an unprecedented combination of two vetivers that shape the raw intensity of the scent.



The first vetiver root is from Java, a powerful accent with smoky facets. The other is from Haïti, and expresses the very essence of a sunny autumn forest with contrasting notes: earthy and velvety, rough and soft. 

Harvesting vetiver requires genuine expertise and know-how. It is a plant with very strong roots that help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion and flooding in tropical climates. Farmers in Haiti and Java have understood this and set up a recovery system: 12 months after being planted, vetiver roots are extracted from the soil during the dry season by farmers, who carefully cut and wash them. The unused cut part is then replanted for the next harvest: a perfect example of how we protect the earth and the riches it offers us.



Finally, the fragrance discloses an exclusive-to-Bvlgari Terrae Accord, unprecedented in its construction. Composed of Woodleather®, Geonol, and Carrot Essence, the accord is crafted through three extraordinary nuances, shaping its uniqueness. Woodleather® gives to the scent intense depth and raw animality. We then anchor its roots in the ground with Geonol, an earthy molecule with moss and patchouli notes. Ultimately, in homage to the terroir, the Terrae accord also contains carrot essence with both fruity and iridescent accents that are suggestive of roots and working the land, which finally brings roundness to the base notes.

Warm and masculine, Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence captures the fertility of earth and generosity of nature.


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Imbued with refinement, the Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence bottle offers an authentic interpretation of the Earth element and of man’s ability to create his own architectural masterworks.

The collar of each bottle is inspired by the unpredictable beauty of travertine marble. Crafted using a technique where two different colors are injected into the material, each is one of a kind, a testament to nature’s wild, innate beauty. Conjuring the imposing elegance of the famous marble that has dressed many of Rome’s most spectacular landmarks, this unique texture equally connects the fragrance with Bvlgari’s roots.

Cast in warm hues of amber and brown, the bottle itself evokes the nuances of the fertile Tuscan soil, the softness of the golden hour light taking shape in the sculptural lines of the flacon. The influence of Bvlgari the Roman jeweler takes shape in luminous details of the gold signature and bronze color logo and cap.