Hermès Collections for the Home 2022


  • July 21, 2022
  • 8,308

The quest for lightness, like a challengeto gravity, is incarnated by the creation of objects for the home, showcased in four structures at Milan Design Week 2022. These constructions, in the shape of water towers, are light despite their monumental proportions; made of wood and covered with transluscent coloured paper, they radiate light. Inside, each object expresses know‐how that draws power from precision.


For the first time, textiles are the underlying theme running through a home collection. Five creations form the fabric of this manifesto for lightness. They are all made from cashmere, one of the house’s favourite materials.


This infinitely delicate natural fibre combines a taut hand with bright colours.


Textiles explore different manufacturing techniques: strips of cashmere form the design of ethereal plaids; squares woven and dyed
by hand make up a great patchwork of shimmering colours; geometric shapes assembled using a relinking technique evoke stained‐glass windows; a large, quilted bed cover brings colours, patchwork and traditional quilting technique into dialogue.


Objects, porcelain and furniture assert their singularity: a cut and folded sheet of leather with hand‐painted decoration becomes a centrepiece; porcelain plates reflect sunlight; a canework seat affords a chair as much delicacy as it does strength. Lightness of line produces timeless style, as these creations demonstrate. Our perception changes as light plays over them when backlit against the scenographic structures: poetic giants and anchoring points for these small miracles of equilibrium.