Ray - Ban x Team Wang


  • October 31, 2019
  • 28,943

Ray-Ban, one of the world’s most coveted eyewear brands, partners Jackson Wang, Ray-Ban Global Brand Ambassador, in unveiling TEAM WANG X RAY-BAN collection with the classic Ray-Ban Aviator and trendy Ray-Ban Oval representing PROUDTOBELONG spirit.


The collection comes in an exclusive Team Wang packaging with Jackson Wang’s personalized signature engraved on its temple tips. 



Celebrating a sense of belonging – no matter where you come from and no matter what your story is, there are moments in life that define us. It is not just about belonging, it is being proud of it.




Once an award-winning fencer, Jackson accomplished a great deal of achievements at a very young age. However, fencing was not his dream and he eventually followed what his heart truly desired - music. Bringing with him discipline, confidence and the will to win from fencing, Jackson dedicated himself into every part of his music journey. A path that has led him to find his true self which gave him a real sense of belonging and finally made him an outstanding singer and song-writer.



The fencer-turned artiste claims that the key to his success as a musician is Team Wang. A group of people who shares his passion towards music and a team that he feels proud to belong to as he believes in the importance of working with like-minded, congenial people. It is with this same mindset that he feels proud to partner Ray-Ban, a brand that never conforms to so-called fashion trends but has been pioneering style and technical innovation for decades.