• Spring/Summer 2022

BY PR News

  • July 13, 2022
  • 2,410

Hedonistic release: the LOEWE Men’s Spring Summer 2022 collection is charged with the electrifying promise of intimacy and the feel of human touch. Creative director Jonathan     Anderson keeps shapes at once abstract and straightforward, letting colours explode in a riot of saturated hues.



The theme of the night out is inspired by the work of New York-based, German artist Florian Krewer (b.1986), one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary painting.Autobiographical, yet free from an overt narrative, his work begins in either found or personal photographs he has taken. With a colour palette presenting a surprising range of night-dark blacks, unclean whites and artificially-sweetened pinks, purples and blues, Krewer’s paintings, populated with characters that are free and chaotic, explore conflicts and desires consumed in the public spaces of cities.



A sexual energy is released into the action, with glimpses of the body, or its parts, revealed by draping or strategically placed cutouts. Tripping out translates into an idea of distortion,  coats spouting metal plaques on the back or tops dematerialising into transparent multiple layers. Sequinned animal prints and the all-over paillette leave an insouciantly kitsch trail. The juxtaposition of the pragmatic and the just-plain-bonkers sets the swinging, energetic tone. Logo-patterned trench coats, leather parkas, zip-up coats gathered at  the waist, roomy cargo shorts in earthy hues are juxtaposed with draped tunics, cut-out multi-layer jumpers, all-in-ones, space-dye neckerchief tops and trousers made of rope in acrylic colourways. Matching tops and shorts, or tops and trousers, are distorted by prints and decoration.




The looks are accessorised with folded boots, sandals, colourful slippers, bumbags, either in small or mini sizes. The multifaceted Puzzle arrives, for the first time, in a supple hobo   shape or as a bumbag in two sizes, the small and the mini. The LOEWE Anagram jacquard with bright neon pink and apple green colourways on rolltop backpacks and bumbags. Round glasses with brightly coloured frames add another feisty touch.


Joy and freedom come to the fore.