Behind The Brand - Herschel Supplyr

• Lyndon Cormack | Co - Founder

BY Kerorina

  • November 15, 2018
  • 27,945

Herschel Supply is a trendy street wear brand . With products supporting a variety of lifestyle. For travel or for daily use. With a simple design, but it's not common.

And functions of the various applications. Compatible with the actual use. It's not surprising that the brand will be a great success. And when MTS has the chance to meet Lyndon Cormack,  one of the coolest founders. We would like to work with him a little bit. Take a look at his fascinating view!



MTS : Can you explain your style? 

LC : I think, generally sneaking a high-low mix, I like very nice fashion basic. And occasionally i like to have add in some the classic piece mainly in jackets. I usually down in sneakers. Most of the time I wear sneakers although I am not poser wearing dress shoes, but most of the time I’m wearing sneakers. I think that classic and that is my fashion I get.




MTS : How do you feel when you see people around the world carry your product?

LC : Well It’s amazing actually, it’s something that I would of thought I would get may be bored or sick of it , it’s what we do consistently. In fact today I found 5 bags at Chatuchak Weekend Market and of cause it make me extremely proud to see people all over the world carry the products , or wherever we go we see products we made. It’s pretty amazing and cool. I’m not bored yet and nor that i plan to become bored again.




MTS : What is the outstanding points that you think it made your brand very success? 

LC : It our concentration on making backpacks very well of it , the ultimately we have a goal to create the brand that brought a lot of emphasis of the category and a lot of design to the category, and we stuck to our guns, we stuck to our vision of making backpack important. Ultimately I can say it foundation of the success of the brand.



MTS : Can you tell us about the next collaboration? 

LC : We are really excited that the collaboration coming out mainly for the women side with Hello Kitty.

And we also working with the MLB , and continue collection with the major league baseball. It’s very fun collection we are working on right now.



MTS : What do you think about the High Fashion Brands now start to be more around in the trend street?

LC : It’s pretty amazing that we see. Our head designer explained like this, He talk about mix tape. Back in the day we use cassette tape , so they can put all the different kind of musics on one tape and then he play.



Well fashion today is like the mix tape you can take high fashion and low and mixing it all together to have your own  compilation of style. So I think it important for sure and it really amazing trend, but I don’t love that because not everybody can afford the high fashion too, So it’s one of those ones but I split a high barrier for entry but I like when the industry and high and low comes together, it’s really nice to create some interesting space.