• Spring/Summer 2018
The cool air of the Paris evening, the famed fountain of Trocadero, popular tourist destination below the palace of Chaillot became a perfect open-air runway of Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2018 — there were legs for miles and glamour as far as the eye could see with a stunning vi...
SIWILAI’s menswear story features a discerning edit of seasonal must-haves, runway looks and timeless classics. We stay up-to-date and attuned to the various wardrobe needs of the city’s most well-dressed men, catering for their every sartorial scenario, from casual to formal to ...
• Spring/Summer 2018
Throughout history, the idea of being shipwrecked has been romanticised and referenced through classical art and other forms of creative expression, often depicting the image of a glamorous woman in an erotic pose, clothes torn and wet, cast onto the sandy beach of a desert islan...
• Ocean Print
The South of France was a key reference for the campaign, with neon signs, a seascape background and sandy beach floors combining to create images that have the characteristic irreverent spirit that Paul Smith is known for.