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The challenge of the disciplinary power is to impose a precise identity on the subject. This operation is carried out placing the subject inside binary fixed categories, as the normal/abnormal one, with the specific intent of classifying, controlling and regulating the subject.
FENDI Friday! FENDI Fri-yay!
Executive realness, on the verge of the weekend. Corporate aplomb, daydreaming of holidays. Formalwear, sprinting like a tracksuit. Madras suiting, for a hint of vacation. White collars and suspenders, to run to the pool.
• Spring/Summer 2017
• Spring/Summer 2017
In February 2016 the United Nations ruled that Julian Assange’s detention is unlawful. The UN ordered Sweden and the UK to immediately release him and compensate him for violating his rights. Julian’s cat has over 15,000 followers on twitter. The government don’t want Julian to h...
• Spring/Summer 2017
Canali Spring Summer 2017 signals the beginning of a new chapter in a story spanning 8 decades. A new chapter where material takes center-stage, where single threads meet and intertwine, weaving a narrative that grows, building upon itself. Motifs appear and recur as markers on a...
• Spring/Summer 2017
An intermingling of cultures, pursuit of knowledge and an analysis of the present. These are the key concepts behind the Prada Men’s 2017 Spring/Summer runway show.
• Spring/Summer 2017
This season Salvatore Ferragamo presents a collection in which the finest codes and traditions of masculine dressing are reconfigured to bring luxury and style to the multi-faceted realities of modern life. Playfully embracing contrasts and contradictions, the spirit and attitude...