Prada Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show transmits the idea of its multiple identities. Just like in a warehouse, everything is catalogued and stored. All have its own identity through the I.D. code and label, making the theme of the entire collection both simple yet complex.
The ability to exchange stories makes us human. We live in a jumble of overlapping narratives, some deep and sustaining, others fragmentary, truncated, or incomplete. If storytelling is the root of all communication, the manner in which we choose to tell them – abstract and compl...
• Spring/Summer 2017
An intermingling of cultures, pursuit of knowledge and an analysis of the present. These are the key concepts behind the Prada Men’s 2017 Spring/Summer runway show.
• Resort 2017
• Fall/Winter 2016
The Prada Fall/Winter 2016 show for Men is an excursus through many historical periods and at the same time a reflection on the present.
• Spring/Summer 2016
The Prada Men’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection is the expression of an “Alternative Prada” thought, which draws inspiration from the concepts of “post-modest”, “post-industrial” and “post-pop art”.