ISSEY MIYAKE • Autumn/Winter 2017


BY Staff writer Seven

  • August 21, 2017
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This collection combines the ease of urban outfits, the outdoor spirit of trekking and the patterns that arise from nature’s energy.

Men today stand for a new relationship with elegance – one the integrates the sensibility of natural textures. Ever pursuing the aesthetic of functionality, this season ISSEY MIYAKE presents mobile workwear that encompasses the essence of the forest as seen through a spectrum of colors that fade into the distant forest dim.





Textured pop patterns take inspiration from white birch forests, created by experienced artisans using ten types of printing plates, each hand printed with different dyes and glossy prints. The material used is washed nylon taffeta and lineup includes coats, jackets, pants, and blousons. The first look is comprised of crushed wool separates with the same patterned polyester (transfer printed) insets. They are all lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and versatile.



Organic patterns echo the changing colors of leaves in autumn and are created on wool/polyester cut jacquard intricately woven from five colors of thread. This fabric gives a sense of warmth while remaining lightweight and wrinkle resistant. The coat is reversible and the opposite side uses water repellent nylon grosgrain.




Bold gingham check tweed inspired by the colors of autumn leaves is woven with carded wool, cotton tape, and reflective thread using a vintage loom. In addition to jackets and pants, the lineup includes a reversible blouson. The reverse side uses a polyester twill that is quilted using highly functional batting. Tartan check evokes a night time forest shrouded in darkness which is created by printing an organic mist-like pattern on the cloth after it is woven. After the jackets and pants are sewn, artisans tie each piece with string and set the shape of the wool using a special solution and heat processing technique. The craft pleating process of the 100% wool fabric is created without polyester and retains the texture of the natural material while realizing a fit that does not compromise comfort, or movement and maintain the pleats.





The finale features a coat using an archive pattern which first appeared in the Autumn Winter 1983 collection, redesigned in lightweight washed nylon taffeta. The wrinkle-repellent coat has exceptional water resistance and an oversize silhouette that is not bulky and can be worn over any style.


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